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On The Beijing Platform For Action and How You Can Help

wgg-logoThe folks over at The Working Group on Girls – a coalition of over 80 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are dedicated to promoting the human rights of the girl child by advancing the inclusion and status of girls and assisting them to develop into their full potential as women – have put together a survey to help assess the progress of the United Nation’s “The Beijing Platform for Action”.

Twenty years ago, in 1995, the United Nations convened its fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. By identifying twelve strategic areas to assist in empowering women, a gender-equality road map emerged to help governments and communities around the world address a variety of human rights issues related to improving quality of life for girls and women.

Now WGG wants to know how this platform has impacted communities the past twenty years, and how the lives of girls have changed through its use.

If you know a girl under the age of 18, please ask her to consider completing this short survey. Help give girls the opportunity to impact their world by providing them a platform to voice their concerns, accomplishments, and dreams.

Simply follow the link to complete or share the survey: Girls Grade Beijing